Change History


This is a list of changes made to the Tropez program by version number.

Version 06.10.00

  1. Fix problem on some computers where the software was unable to find an application to open an HTML file in List Maker.
  2. Enhanced software to allow addition of multiple items at once from a list instead of adding one item at a time. A new Add by List button was added to the toolbar and the Record menu.
  3. Fix problem reading older database files.

Version 06.09.00

  1. Fixed problem with the Region and Language settings in the operating system having a different decimal symbol other than a period. The program was unable to convert the purchase and value amounts to the proper format.

Version 06.08.00

  1. Fixed problem with updating the catalog from within the Tropez program. If an item was added in one update and then modified in the next, and if a user did not update the catalog when the item was added they would receive an error message.

Version 06.07.00

  1. Added ability to export a single record to another Tropez database file.  After exporting the record, there is an option to delete the exported record from the current database.
  2. Improved the loading speed of a Tropez database file.

Version 06.06.00

  1. Added Search to record browser to allows for quick search and display of an item, and modified the search capability for both adding and modifying an item.
  2. Fixed problem with filtering items by purchase date.
  3. Modified the way List Maker sorts images in HTML files to make it compatible with more web browsers.

Version 06.05.00

  1. A new pricelist.tpl (Price List) file is now being delivered with the program. This file contains prices for most of the items in the Catalog. Instead of entering their own estimated values for items entered into the database, users may now select (through the Options dialog) to display Price List values. This file will be updated periodically to reflect current estimated prices.
  2. Added "Price List" and "Exchange Rate" options to the Options dialog. The "Price List" option allows the user to choose whether to use only inputted estimated values, only price list values, or a combination of the two. The "Exchange Rate" option allows users to set the exchange rate for their currencies so that price list values will be correctly displayed.
  3. Fixed the problem of carrying over option settings from one version of the Tropez program to the next.

Version 06.04.00

  1. Added an "Item Added" box to the Add New Item dialog to indicate that the item has been added. This box will go away once a field is modified to select another item to add.
  2. Fixed problem of receiving an error during startup if the path of a program used to display list from the List Maker was not found in the computer's registry. If a program is not associated with either the .txt, .rtf, or .html file extension, the List Maker cannot make lists of those types.
  3. Fixed the filtering functionality to resolve a problem with finding matches when the user does not have a date (e.g., Purchase Date) populated. If the user is not filtering by a particular date field then it will not matter if the user populated the date field in their database.

Version 06.03.00

  1. Fixed the downloading of more images. Images would stop downloading after an update has been installed.
  2. Modified getting more images to allow download of images without first installing the Image Pack. Also, missing images are downloaded if and Image Pack Update version was skipped.
  3. Fixed Customize List Rows form (see by clicking the Customize button on the List Maker form) to keep from duplicating all list values each time the form is opened.
  4. Fixed the Reset button on the Filter Records form to clear out all fields.
  5. Modified List Maker for to create a sample list based on format and output file type options selected instead of using static images.
  6. Fixed List Maker to correctly display checkboxes for HTML checklists.
  7. Modified List Maker to include the option to show images in HTML lists.
  8. Modified the layout of the Options form.
  9. Modified the filter functionality to change the Note field to a partial match instead of an exact match.

Version 06.02.00

  1. Added load status on start-up splash screen.
  2. Changed the spelling of the program from TroPEZ to Tropez.
  3. Changed the graphics for the splash screen and About box in the Tropez program.
  4. Displays image contributor name when hovering over the Sample Image.
  5. Changed how personal database file is read to increase load speed.

Version 06.01.00

  1. Fixed the problem with the path the program was using to download new and modified images from the web.
  2. Added more status messages to be displayed while images are being downloaded in order to see the progress.

Version 06.00.00

  1. Converted the program from Visual C++ to VB.NET.
  2. Added functionality to update the catalog file from within the Tropez program, instead of having to download an updated catalog file from the the Tropez web site.
  3. Personal database no longer saves automatically, but instead the user has to either click the save button on the button toolbar or select Save from the File menu.
  4. Moved the image viewer to a separate window that can be moved and resized independently of the Tropez record browser, and can be turned on and off.
  5. Modified the search so that additional fields can be searched instead of just the Character field.
  6. Modified the format of the personal database and catalog file to make them more flexible and smaller.
  7. Modified Counter to put all the categories and their series into a hierarchical structure where whole categories or individual series can be selected for the count.
  8. Allow for multiple images (instead of just one) to be associated with an item record.
  9. Instead of using Backup Now on the Tools menu, a copy of the personal database can be created using Save As from the File menu.
  10. Added Page Setup, Print, and Print Preview to the File menu to be able to print a list of the record items (all or filtered) directly to a printer.
  11. Added the ability to set the display font for the Tropez record browser.
  12. Added the functionality to get newer images from within the Tropez program by downloading the files from the Internet. A Tropez Image Pack must first be installed.

Version 05.01.05

  1. Fixed the field names when modifying the record of a Candy item.
  2. Modified the program to make “(All)” the default sub-series when there is more than one sub-series. This modification can be seen then adding or modifying a record.

Version 05.00.05

  1. Modified the program to get the location of the catalog file from registry to open it.
  2. Added the Variation field to export function.
  3. Added the Notes field to the filter dialog box.
  4. Fixed the problem of the Status field not being saved when duplicating a record.
  5. Modified the program to turn off filtering (if it is on) when duplicating a record.
  6. Rearranged the item fields for the Candy category. The item fields for the Candy category are now:
    1. Group - This is a new entry that groups types of candy.
    2. Types - This was previously the Series field.
    3. Country
    4. Flavor
    5. Code - This was previously the Issue field.
  7. Changed the Year field to Production. Now the field will display the range of years in which the item was produced.
    (Many of these dates are unknown.)
  8. Increased the size of Stem color field from 19 to 39 characters.

Version 04.03.04

  1. Fixed problem with the Backup Now tool. The new Status field was being left out of the backup, so the program had trouble reading in the backed up file.
  2. Fixed listing of Khaki and Glow-in-the-Dark stem colors.
  3. Fixed problem of filtering on the Status field.
  4. Fixed problem of listing all statuses in the Status pull-down fields on the Add New Item, Modify Current Item, and Filter Records dialog boxes. None of the statuses were being listed before.
  5. Added a message box on the Filter Records dialog box to notify you if all of your records match the filter criteria.
  6. Fixed the Duplicate Record function. The new Status field was being left out of the duplicated record.
  7. Fixed making a list in column format using single tabs. If multiple lines are in the Notes field, multiple lines were being created in the list. Now, the multiple lines in the Notes field are being made into a single line with dashes showing were the separate lines used to be.

Version 04.02.04

  1. Fixed problem of the record indexes getting mixed up when converting the personal database file to include the Status field.

Version 04.01.04

  1. Fixed problem of the Feet value changing after modifying a record. Although it was appearing that the value was changing, only the display of the value was incorrect. The value stored in the database was still correct.
  2. Fixed problem in the Jump to Series functionality. If you have created a filter but the filter was turned off, the filter was being turned back on when you do Jump to Series.

Version 04.00.04

  1. Added a Variations field. This field relates to a new field in the catalog to separate variations of items.
  2. Added a Status field that can be used to keep track of the status of an item (e.g., Keep, Sell, Duplicate, Want, etc.). This is an optional field and the user can enter anything they want up to 20 letters. The pull-down list will be populated with the user's entries.
  3. Made the Candy field into a pull-down that will be populated with the user's entries.
  4. Made the Location field into a pull-down that will be populated with the user's entries.
  5. Added Khaki and Glow-in-the-Dark to the stem colors list.

Version 03.02.03

  1. Add Fit Image toolbar button toggle between fitting the personal image or showing the image in actual size in the personal image area.
  2. Fixed the program for running on 800x600 screens. The record browser did not display correctly on startup.
  3. Added "Make the Sample Image tab active" option to the Options General tab to make the Sample Images tab active at startup. This option is selected by default.
  4. Added "Show Image" option to the Options General tab to allow the user to set an option to show personal images at startup. This option is not selected by default.
  5. Added "Fit Image" option to the Options General tab to allow the user to set an option to fit personal images at startup. This option is not selected by default.
  6. Added functionality to hold the filter in memory so it can be turned off and on. Before when you turned off the filter you would have to set up the filter again.
  7. Added China as a 1 country.
  8. Added functionality to turn the filter off (if it is on) after you add a new item.
  9. Added exporting to a text file or Excel file.
  10. Fixed error of jumping to a series that is not in the active filter.
  11. Fixed the problem of auto-selecting a Sub-Series when there is only one.
  12. Fixed the problem of displaying the first record when creating a new database.
  13. Fixed the problem with long paths for image location.
  14. Fixed problem of Sample Image not refreshing when new database is opened.
  15. Added search capability for Character.
  16. Added the Candy category.
  17. Modified the List Maker to be able to create a checklist.
  18. Modified the List Maker to remember settings of the Category checks.

Version 03.01.03

  1. Fixed the Add New Dispenser and Modify Current Dispenser dialog boxes so that the image would appear correctly. Previously, the image would appear then disappear immediately.
  2. Fixed the function of the "Clear" button on the Add New Dispenser and Modify Current Dispenser dialog boxes, so that any changes made before clicking the "Clear" button would not be lost.
  3. Added additional context sensitive help to several of the dialog boxes.
  4. Renamed the Find Dispenser(s) dialog box to Filter Records, since that is what the functionality is really doing.
  5. Changed the icon for the Find button on the toolbar and changed its label to "Filter". Also changed "Find" on the View menu to "Filter".
  6. Changed the icon for the Show All button on the toolbar and changed its label to "Remove Filter". Also changed "Show All" on the View menu to "Remove Filter".

Version 03.00.03

  1. Fixed the List Maker for the "All items I don't own" and the "All item variations" options. Before when one of these options was selected, all of the items for all categories would be listed, and not just the items for the categories selected.
  2. Added the Sub-Series fields to the program's record browser, the Add New Dispenser and Modify Current Dispenser dialog boxes, and the Find Dispenser(s) dialog box.
  3. Added the Sub-Series field to the List Maker reports.

Version 02.03.03

  1. Fixed how the image is displayed to take into account display resolutions that are very high and fonts that are large.
  2. Fixed the display value of the Footed field.
  3. Fixed the Options Backup Settings to correctly store the settings.
  4. Changed the default setting to reload previously used database so new users will not have to check this setting to get it to work.
  5. Added Backup Now command (available from the Tools menu) to allow the user to save off the database.
  6. Fixed the calculation of the Purchase and Collection Totals after the user adds or modifies a record.
  7. Added Spain and Brazil to the list of countries.

Version 02.02.03

  1. Changed the Add New Dispenser dialog box to keep the dialog box open for more additions until the "Cancel" button is clicked. A message box will appear after each addition.
  2. Added tabs to the Tropez record browser and the Add New Dispenser and Modify Current Dispenser dialog boxes to view either a text description or an image. These images can be downloaded separately.
  3. Added Fit Image command (available from the View menu) to select whether to show the user's image at its regular size or to "fit" it to the size of the image area.
  4. Added the Installed Images dialog box (available from the Tools menu) to display how many images are installed for each series.
  5. Fixed the Find command to correct results returned is a "Feet" type is selected.
  6. Corrected some problems with the scroll bar for the user's image area.
  7. Fix the Jump to Series command. In Windows XP, the program would crash if the series was selected by double-clicking on it.
  8. Modified the List Maker. Added an option for the Columns format to separate the columns with a single tab instead of spaces. This option is only available for plain text output files. This will produce an output that can easily be copy into a spreadsheet. Also, if the "Single Tab" option is checked, the columns can be customized.
  9. When the program is run, it will now appear centered on the screen.
  10. Added "5.984.285" to the list of patent numbers.


Version 02.01.03

  1. Changed the name of the program from Dispenser Database to Tropez.
  2. The "Backup Settings" option was added to the Tools Options command. You can choose how many backups of your personal database file to keep and how often to make backups.
  3. Fixed flickering problem when the image is about the same size as the image view window.
  4. Added a Jump To Series command (available from the View menu or from the toolbar) that allows you to select a series to go to. The first dispenser in the series will be displayed.

Version 02.00.03

  1. Added three additional data fields in a Packaging group (Made For, Wrapper, and Candy). The "Made For" drop-down box contains a list of some countries that the dispenser may have been packaged for. The "Wrapper" drop-down box contains a list of package types (e.g., MOC, MIB, or Loose). The "Candy" field is intended for listing the number and flavor of the candy packages wrapped with the dispenser.
  2. Separated the items into "Authentic Dispenser", "Licensed Dispenser", and "Non-Dispenser" Categories. Therefore, there is no longer a "Licensed Dispenser" or "Non-Dispenser" series, but all the items user these series' have been moved to separate categories and the series names have been changed to the old character names.
  3. Added a splash screen to pop up when the program is run.
  4. The "General" option was added to the Tools Options command. You can select whether to load the last used database at startup and to show the splash screen at startup.
  5. Add Category check boxes to the List Maker dialog box.
  6. Added a "Customize…" button to the List Maker dialog box. This button is only active when the Rows format is selected. Clicking this button will bring up the Customize List Rows dialog box which allows for the selection and sorting of additional fields when making a list of "All currently selected records" or "All items that I own" in Rows format.
  7. Added a Clear button to the Add New Dispenser and Modify Dispenser Information dialog boxes so that you can remove what is listed under Image Location.
  8. Modified the Counter option to add check boxes to exclude all Authentic Dispensers, Licensed Dispensers, or Non-Dispensers.
  9. Added a Go To command (available from the View menu or from the toolbar) that allows you to enter a record number to jump to a particular record.

Version 01.09.02

  1. If the Personal Database is incompatible, you will be allowed to create a new database file.
  2. Before when you duplicated a record, the new duplicated record would not get sorted with the rest of the records. This problem has been fixed.
  3. Fixed a serious problem that occurred when you duplicated a record. The Personal Database file would get corrupted if you duplicated a record and you would not be able to access any new records entered after the duplication of a record.
  4. Fixed a problem of deleting the first record, which would cause and Application Error.
  5. Changed the look of the Find Dispenser(s) dialog box, removing the grayed fields and adding additional functionality.
  6. Fixed the problem with the Delete button on the toolbar. The button would remain pressed and the deleted record would not immediately disappear.

Version 01.08.02

  1. Change how the associated image of a dispenser is viewed. Previously, when you selected the View Image command, the image was displayed in a separate dialog box. Now, the image is displayed in a scrollable pane on the program's record browser and the View Image command is a toggle to display or not display the image. The image is displayed by default.
  2. The program comes with a default list of stem colors and you were allowed to type in your stem color if it was not in the list, but the color was not added to the list. Now, if you type in a stem color that is not in the list it will be added to the list. Also, any colors that you typed in previously will be added to the list.
  3. The "Date Format" option was added to the Tools Options command. You can select from a list of date formats to decide how the purchase date should be displayed on the program's record browser.
  4. Tools Options selections are now remembered from one run to the next.
  5. Changed the look of the List Maker dialog box. All of the options are the same but the arrangement of the dialog box is different. Also, sample outputs for the selected option were added.
  6. Fixed a possible program bug in the List Maker. If you were creating a list and select a file type for which no application is associated with the file extension (e.g., if you select HTML and no application is associated with the .htm extension), an Application Error may have occur and the program would have closed.
  7. Fix a program bug in the List Maker. If you created a list of "All currently selected dispensers" and then try to create a list of "All dispenser variations" an Application Error would occur and the program would close.
  8. On the program's record browser, moved the "Price" field in the "Purchase" box to below the "Date" field and removed the "(mm/dd/yyyy)" text from below the date field.

Version 01.07.01

  1. Added capability to select/view an image of a dispenser for each record in the database.
  2. Added the capability to double-click on a dispenser database file to open the Dispenser Database program. When the program comes up, the file that was double-clicked will be opened as the active file. As before, if the Dispenser Database program is run directly, the last opened database file will be opened.

Version 01.06.01

  1. The program now sorts the dispensers in the database by series, character, and issue.
  2. Added the Counter command to the Tools menu. The Counter command will count the dispensers in the database based on certain exclusion criteria.
  3. Added the capability to have alternate names for a series. When the alternate name is selected, it will automatically change to the more common series name.

Version 01.05.01

  1. Fixed the Find function to allow the Feet field to be blank.
  2. Fixed the display of the Feet value on the program's record browser for a found subset of records.

Version 01.04.01

  1. Modified the Add New Dispenser, Modify Dispenser Information, and Find Dispenser(s) dialog boxes to look more like the program's record browser.
  2. Added the Tools menu to the menu bar, with the Options command on the Tools menu. The Options command brings up a new Options dialog box that is used to change program options. The only option is to change the currency symbol.
  3. On the program's record browser, changed the Footed label to Feet.
  4. Moved the Notes box to the left and the Estimated Value and Collection Total boxes to right on the program's record browser.
  5. Modified the Add New Dispenser, Modify Dispenser Information, and Find Dispenser(s) dialog boxes to change the Footed checkbox to a Feet pull-down. The feet choices are No, Yes, Thin, and Thick.
  6. Added a Purchase Total box to display the sum total of the purchase prices of all dispensers.
  7. Adjusted alignment of purchase price on the program's record browser.
  8. Added country name Jugoslavia (an alternate spelling of Yugoslavia) when IMC 5 or V is selected on the Add New Dispenser, Modify Dispenser Information, and Find Dispenser(s) dialog boxes.

Version 01.03.01

  1. Change the text for the group box Output Format to Output File Type on the List Maker dialog box.
  2. Added a choice for the format (either column or row) on the List Maker dialog box.

Version 01.02.01

  1. Added help.  This is the biggest change in this version.
  2. The program now automatically opens the last used database file, instead of always bringing up the Open New or Existing Database dialog box every time the program is run.
  3. The file name of the open database is now listed on the title bar.
  4. A list created in HTML format will have a white background instead of whatever the user's browser has set as the default background color.

Version 01.01.01

Initial version.


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